Myths of the mound builders

Many people still consider the Cahokia site to be a sacred place and Native Americans and metaphysical groups believe Cahokia is a source of powerful psychic energy.

He produced a series of watercolor paintings depicting scenes of native life. Copper articles, such as arrowheads, small hatchets and other implements of war and industry, have been found in Algonkian sites; but the instances are rare, and it is considered doubtful if the New York Algonkians ever made copper implements.

The Vision Serpent was also a symbol of rebirth in Mayan mythologywith origins going back to earlier Maya conceptions, lying at the center of the world as the Mayans conceived it. This seems to have been a period influenced by the Eskimoan culture.

The Adena Giant Revealed: Profile of Prehistoric Mound Builders

Watson Brake consists of an oval formation of 11 mounds from three to 25 feet tall connected by ridges to form an oval nearly feet across. There is plenty of room for all kinds of intelligence in the universe, whether TED folks like it or not. He found eight skeletons buried in a sitting position, and makes some speculations which Parker thinks are "specious.

Two thigh bones were measured with the height of their owners estimated at 14 ft. They argue that the mound builders were an ancient advanced Black civilization that developed the legendary continents of Atlantis and Muas well as ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica.

The lover of the mysterious found greater satisfaction in mythical meditation, in imagining that America was the seat, in ancient days, of a might aboriginal race, rivaling in culture and power the ancient oriental monarchies, than in accepting the deductions of scientists.

Scholars once thought this was an expansion of the Mississippian culturesbut they now believe the Fort Ancient culture was an independently developed culture descended from the Hopewell culture.

She told him that the mounds within her territory served as the burial places for nobles. Parker thinks that the older theory that the Iroquois had their origin, or their early hone, along the St.

When Columbus first sought this continent — when Christ suffered on the cross — when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea — nay, even, when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker — then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The general term covered their shared architectural practice of mound construction.

Mammoths, Mastodons, and Mound Builders?

Jackson was a community of about people, with six stores and three taverns. Undetermined 1, The Algonkian occupation seems to have been of longest duration and that of the Iroquois the shortest: Sheldrake presents a great challenge to the dogmas about the nature of our universe.

Effigy Moundbuilders

Essentially the World Tree and the Vision Serpent, representing the king, created the center axis which communicates between the spiritual and the earthly worlds or planes.

The site features a variety of special events, craft classes, lecture series, tours and other programs year round. Capable of this type of construction, their ancestors and they could have built mounds, but people who believed that the Indians did not build the earthworks did not analyze it in this manner.

The name Cahokia is that of a unrelated tribe that was living in the area when the first French explorers arrived in the late 17th century.

It has been dated to about years ago approx. Hatred of slavery drew the Powells and Crookham together, and George Crookham became virtually a second father to young John Wesley Powell.


Not many people know, for example, that the myth of the Mound Builders was finally laid to rest by the work of the Smithsonian Institution in the s and s under the direction of John Wesley Powell, the Civil War hero and one-armed explorer of the Colorado River (note "Lake Powell).Reviews: 3.

The Mound Builder Myth "The varying cultures collectively called Mound Builders were inhabitants of North America who, during a 5,year period, constructed various styles of earthen mounds for religious and ceremonial, burial, and elite residential purposes. William Pidgeon (ca.

– ca. ) Eventually his work became popular in the late 19th century, when there were numerous myths about pre-Indian mound builders, and Pidgeon's book went through at least three printings, making him a fortune.

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Despite the preponderance of archaeological evidence that these mound complexes were the work of sophisticated Native American civilizations, this rich history was obscured by the Myth of the Mound Builders, a narrative that arose ostensibly to explain the existence of the mounds.

Myths of the Mound Builders The first time I heard about the Mound Builders, which was in this class, these people seemed like a very primitive group.

William Pidgeon (archaeologist)

What was so exciting about having the skill of piling up a .

Myths of the mound builders
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