The autobiography of a face

Jan Summary Lucy Grealy, poet, tells the story of her childhood and young adulthood, a twenty year period of overwhelming physical and mental suffering. Lucy says that she got the job as a result of calling on the phone and not mentioning her disfigurement; she remains there four years. Grealy observes that he is like the boys who taunt her at school, but here she is protected by their common circumstances: It may not rank with great memoirs, but is an interesting, thoughtful and engaging one.

Feeling ugly, she says, seemed the greatest tragedy of her life: Then add to it a severe facial disfigurement. Her own realization came years later; nobody had actually spoken the word to her to describe her condition.

Grealy waits with trepidation for the girl to ask her; she cannot leave her out without seeming to inflict an obvious insult. Yet not all cities offer the safe refuge of anonymity.

Autobiography of a Face

Sometimes, however, she cannot escape it. The fact that she had cancer seemed minor by comparison. Beauty is a label that people lay across things that we want.

Throughout her struggle, Lucy finds solace in fantasies and in spending time with horses, creatures she values for their nobility and the fact that they do not judge her by her appearance. She is by then adept at avoiding the curious or hostile gaze of other children by hiding her disfigured jaw behind a curtain of long hair.

It may not rank with great memoirs, but is an interesting, thoughtful and engaging one. At this moment, Grealy says, she is sure that she will never have a boyfriend.

Autobiography of a Face Summary

Some years pass, however, before she gains enough self-consciousness to realize that to other people she is ugly. From then on, her life is an attempt not to be defined by the sneers and contempt of boys at school and men in the street, the unwonted politeness of girlfriends, and the clumsy pity of adults.

She encourages Lucy to do the same, and Lucy valiantly tries not to cry, feeling a sense of failure whenever she does give in to the emotions or tears.

Autobiography of a Face Summary

The books reads a little bit untrue without more of it. The entire section is 2, words. I felt bad for her, but not exactly in a pity way, more empathy.

Autobiography Of A Face Summary and Study Guide

XCIX, September 25,p. Consider the garden-variety cruelty of middle-schoolers. Bone is taken from her hip, ground up, and then fashioned into a jaw. Autobiography of a Face is a book about image, about the tyranny of the image of a beautiful—or even pleasingly average—face.

Autobiography of a Face Summary & Study Guide

In the end, this tyranny is not so much overthrown as shrugged off."— /5(). Autobiography of a Face is the brilliant prose debut of award-winning poet Lucy Grealy. Grealy spent five years of her childhood being treated for cancer.

Lucy Grealy

The surgery left her face badly. Autobiography of a face is the autobiography of Lucy Grealy, a very talented writer. It tells of her first struggles as a child, all the way to after her college days. It takes you in depth into the hospital world as if you were her, being treated and operated on/5(56).

Lucy Grealy Lucinda Margaret Grealy (June 3, – December 18, ) was an Irish-American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face in This critically acclaimed book describes her childhood and early adolescent experience with cancer of.

Before reading Autobiography of a Face, I’d only read one thing by Lucy Grealy. It was “The Country of Childhood” from her As Seen on TV essay collection, and it was about her experience becoming an American citizen (she was originally from Ireland).

Jan 01,  · Autobiography of a Face is a powerful, unforgettable novel about overcoming bullying and showing people who you truly are. flag 13 likes · Like · see review Nov 11, Alexis rated it liked it4/5.

The autobiography of a face
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