The fear and misconception of the islamic faith

This, though, is not a correct portrayal of history. O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him whose name shall be the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near to God.

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More often than not, those very same verses give precedence to peace and peace treaties rather than fighting. Islam is the name of a way of life which the Creator wants us to follow. The religion of Islam was revealed for all societies and all times and so accommodates widely differing social requirements.

And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. The purpose of religion is not to deceive or destroy, but rather to map the path humans must follow to live according to divine will or reach ultimate spiritual fulfillment.

Any teachings under the label of "Islam" which contradict or at variance with the direct understanding of fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam form the Quran and authentic Hadith should be rejected and such a religion should be considered a Pseudo-Islamic Cult.

Men and women are different in their responsibilities towards the families that they are strongly encouraged to set up. Christians speaking Arabic would say Allah for God. Narrated Al-Ma'rur bin Suwaid: It has adherents on all the populated continents, and is accessible to Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

History provides many examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faiths: I make for you out of clay, as it were, the figure of a bird, and breath into it and it becomes a bird by God's leave. If this was the case, then Muslims would have destroyed all of the Judaeo-Christian minorities that lived under their rule for years in Spain, over years in Palestine and hundreds of years in other countries.

History provides many examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faiths: William Wilberforce spearheaded the abolition movement because he believed slavery was against the will of God, and Martin Luther King Jr.

In modern times, extremists believe applying the early archaic Islamic laws are appropriate however humanity has significantly advanced through education in the modern era.

9 common misconceptions about Islam

Why doesn't the American Muslim community speak out against this [terrorism]. The latter refers to the title of a group, whilst the former describes an attribute the person has. Aisha was age 9 when she married Muhammad First it is important to provide some background information: Islam may seem exotic or even extreme in the modern world.

Both men and women are expected to dress in a way that is modest and dignified. If any did turn back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; but Allah on the other hand will swiftly reward those who serve Him with gratitude.

It is not defined by hatred nor by antagonism to any other field of human endeavor. The tribes were male dominated. This is perhaps the most common misconception amongst all people, including Muslims.

Muhammad was the founder of Islam and Muslims worship him. Before the Prophet saw dies at the age of 63, the greater part of Arabia was Muslim, and within a century of his death Islam had spread to Spain in the West and as far East as China.

The Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile While it is true that he married a girl that was at the age of nine that does not constitute pedophilia.

Do not commit treachery 2. This, though, is not a correct portrayal of Islamic law. The Quran describes the Annunciation as follows: Now that we understand islam as an attribute, it becomes clear that an attribute is not exclusive to any group.

The only difference is that women are required to cover more aspects of their bodies than men. The shahada (or testimony of faith) is the first pillar of Islam.

When recited with conviction it one’s heart, it is what enters a person into the fold of Islam and from there one is considered a Muslim. Muslims are lying about Islam being peaceful. Most Muslims are moderate, pious, nonviolent people who are trying to honor God in their lives. Muslim scholars who study the Qur’an explain Islam as a religion of peace, and most Muslims see Islam as a religion of peace as well, preferring to let others live as they wish.

Misconceptions of Islam and Muslim life See beyond the prejudice, stereotypes and thoughtless hate with these talks about the Muslim faith.

Watch Now Checking list. Bassam Tariq The beauty and diversity of Muslim life Bassam Tariq is a blogger, a filmmaker, and a halal butcher — but one thread unites his work: His joy in the diversity. Islam is a widely misunderstood religion, and many of those misconceptions have become even more firmly entrenched in recent years.

Those who are unfamiliar with the faith often have misunderstandings about Islam's teachings and practices. include self-defense, protecting the freedom of Muslims to practice their faith, putting right to a wrong, etc.” Jihad, in reference to war, does not condone killing innocent people, acts of terror, killing others who do not practice the Islamic faith.

It is proven that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world and also happens to be the most widely and openly misunderstood faith as well. Americans have misconceptions about Muslims concerning the rights of Muslim women and whether Muslims believe in the existence of Jesus.

The fear and misconception of the islamic faith
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